Sep 24, 2015

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Jul 11, 2015

Scleroderma Picture of Damage on Jase's Stomach

For those of you who have not seen what Scleroderma looks like, here is a shot of Jase's stomach.  Before the attack he had two small areas on his stomach that were dark, about the size of a golf ball.  The last time we went to the doctor, when he was around 12 years old, the doctor said that he felt that Jase was in remission and hoped that he would not have to deal with chemo treatments ever again, but I was to keep a close eye on his affected areas to watch for any new growth or changes in them.  Now after the boys stomped him on the head, arms, side, back, shoulders, stomach and legs - this is what his Scleroderma looks like today - but this is only a pic of the stomach area, there is much more growth on his arms, back, legs, etc., and it is growing at an alarming rate. 

To make things worse, I seem to be having trouble finding a dermatologist and a rheumatologist to see him.  The doctor we used to see moved to Seattle and is no longer available.  I called a rheumatoid clinic first and they said to take him to dermatology I called a dermatology clinic and they said to take him to rheumatology clinic first then they would determine if he needed to also see a dermatologist.  So I then called a different rheumatology clinic and they said they wouldn't see him because he was under the age of 18, but that I needed to take him to his pediatric doctor first and then they would refer him to a rheumatologist.  We saw the pediatric doctor and they said they would set us up with a rheumatologist and to expect a call.  That was over a week ago.  I received a letter in the mail from the pediatric clinic that had the name of the rheumatology clinic they were referring us to, and the letter stated that if we did not receive a call from them within a week to call the clinic and make an appointment ourselves.  It just so happens that the clinic they referred us to was the one clinic I had already called and got the run around that said they wouldn't see him because he wasn't 18 yet.  SO NOW WHAT DO I DO???  (No, seriously, I am begging for an idea from anyone on what to do at this point because I am at a loss.) 

Jul 2, 2015

Scleroderma, Bullies, Owasso High School and Unscrupulous People

I know this seems like a long read, but please be patient and kind to Jase's story and read to the end.  If you don't have time to read the entire story through, then please read the last paragraph for a special request to help Jase. Thank you!

My son, Jase, is an amazing young man with a heart of gold. His compassion for people, both in his life and those he does not even know, makes me so proud of him and such a blessing to everyone.  When he was 4 years old, he was diagnosed with a rare disease called Scleroderma.  But even with this incurable and possibly deadly disease, he has never felt sorry for himself or allowed it to make him angry about his situation or allowed it get him down, even when he had to be excluded from playing his favorite sport, football.

For those of you who have never heard of Scleroderma, it is a disease that is a result of an overactive immune system that affects the skin, joints and sometimes the internal organs (which can be fatal).  The body gets confused and does not know when to shut off the healing process and as a result the immune system becomes too aggressive and begins to injure the body.  Basically Jase's skin is turning to scar tissue on his stomach, right arm, right leg, back, etc.  It also causes joint pain in his elbow and hands. During the winter we have to watch closely for signs of Renaud’s syndrome which is when the fingers or toes get too cold and can cut off circulation causing them to die off.  When his disease becomes too active, like it seems to be doing now, Jase has to do weeks of chemo meds called Methotrexate which shut down his immune system. (Sadly this medicine is very toxic to his liver and we have to closely monitor his liver enzymes.)  The chemo is used to try and slow down the scarring on his skin, but it does not reverse the damage done. Once the scars are there, they are there for life.  We have taught him through the years to do his best not to get hurt, because being injured carries with it the high risk of starting more scars on his skin.  Being an active boy through the years this was difficult to deal with, and we had to pull him out of baseball and football.  This left us with no option for sport scholarships for college, but it did not matter as long as he is healthy we are happy. 

Another issue, besides the two busted out teeth from the attack, Jase was not born with perfectly straight teeth and has needed braces for years, but with his disease I have always been in fear of scar tissue appearing on his face.  Every dentist I have discussed my concerns about this has basically shrugged it off as if it were no big deal.  NO BIG DEAL?!  I can't fault the dentists though, this disease is not in their expertise and they do not understand the seriousness of when these scars appear, they become aggressive and non stop.  My next idea to fix what should be a beautiful smile added to his handsome face, is to do crowns on all his front teeth.  I had to do the same with my smile, so I think I will try to talk with a dentist about this option this month.

If you were to meet Jase, and I wished you all could meet him, you would never guess he had anything wrong with him.  Jase has such an upbeat personality, quick wit and humor that makes everyone laugh all the time.  He is popular in school and very well-liked by students and teachers, and he had many, many friends of all sorts.  He is friends with everyone from the jocks (of every sport organization), computer experts, robotics students, artist, cheerleaders, band players (both playing in the school band and kids playing in a band - aka: future rock stars), the “party” crowd, etc.; you name it – he did not have an enemy at the school what so ever.  

*No enemies (or so we thought), but early last September, 2014, his world came crashing down upon him. During lunch at school, Jase was sitting at the lunch table with friends when a group of “thug” boys came up behind one boy sitting across from Jase at the table.  One of the thug boys came up from behind this particular boy and attacked him from behind – and commenced to beat and sucker punch repeatedly all over this poor child’s head.  The kid had no time to respond and was dazed pretty quickly from the attack.  Jase wanted to jump across the table to help his friend and put a stop to the attack but was outnumbered when he saw the thug group of boys that stood behind the attacker, cheering him on as he kept hitting this poor kid.  At that point, Jase did the only thing he could do, which was try to get help from an adult, so he got up from the table and ran towards the administrative office a several feet away.

Jase, being the type of kid he is, had no concern for what consequences could come from this group of boys, all he cared about was getting his friend some help.  As he was headed towards the attendance office to get an adult; the boys saw what Jase was about to do and the group turned on Jase and attacked him from behind.  3 boys knocked Jase to the ground and began stomping, punching and kicking him while he was down.  He did manage to get up once and tried to fight them off but he was so dazed he swung against nothing but air and fell back to the ground.  Again, they began to beat him relentlessly - RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE WHERE THERE ARE CAMERAS RECORDING EVERYTHING!  No adults stepped in to stop the fight even though it was done in front of the office windows in full view of the adult people who were inside.   

(This entire thing, from the lunchroom attack to the attack in front of the attendance office was all caught on tape, but we have never been allowed to see it.  We were told the school had to protect the privacy of the attackers since they were all underage.  **My question is: what about my son’s rights?  Why are the attacker’s rights more important than that of my son and the other boy who was attacked???) I also had heard that there is an unwritten rule that teachers are not supposed to jump in when there is a fight to try and stop the fight.  I've been told that they are to wait until the fight is over and then try to catch whoever was involved before they run off.  So my son was beaten in front of adults that basically did nothing. Now I can understand that if a teacher is small and is witness to a fight amongst large high school boys that there is no way she or he should try to intervene, but I know for a fact that the Vice Principal inside this office was a coach on one of the sport teams in Owasso schools.  Also there was supposed to be an officer on duty during lunch hours, but from what I have heard and witnessed, he never seems to be there.  

After the attack was over,  Jase was brought into the office to receive aid.  I received a call soon after from the school administrator telling me that Jase had been in a fight, but he was absolutely NOT at fault.  When I arrived I saw my son’s bloody face and of course I was alarmed at the damage I saw.  My first thought was of course my son’s well-being as questions ran through my head…”do I need to take him to the hospital”, “does he need stitches”, etc.  I looked him over and noticed that two teeth were busted out and he had a large hole in his lip.  Jase tried to manage a smile and shrug off what had happened to him, trying to show me a brave face but I could see him shaking and the sadness in his swollen eyes and bruised face.  There was severe bruising and behind both ears and bruising on his neck, chest, back and arms. What skin was marred with purple bruising, also looked terribly red and swollen. 

I saw another boy sitting in the office with my son who also had bruising and blood on him.  I assumed it was possibly the boy he fought with, but it turned out to be the first boy that was attacked in the lunch room, who was waiting for his mother too.  The Principal and Vice Principal were standing behind the desk watching the video of what had taken place.  Again they reassured me that Jase was not in trouble, that he was 100% the victim in what had taken place.  They informed me that 2, possibly 3, boys had attacked Jase from behind and he had no chance of even defending himself against the attack. 

The Principal informed me that they had caught the 2 that were the main culprits in what happened, and that they intended to make an example of them since it was the beginning of the school year and they wanted to deter this behavior for the school year.  I was pleased to hear this but my main concern at the moment was getting my son to the hospital to be checked out, but they said I could not leave until the police showed up so I could, if I chose to, file charges against the boys.  I found out that the school has a police officer that is supposed to be there to patrol campus, but he was gone at the moment.  (I later found out that this police officer is not at the school on a regular basis and I personally have hardly seen his vehicle in the parking lot.)  The administrators in the office seemed very helpful during the time I was there, but they refused to let me see the video because THEY HAD TO PROTECT THE OFFENDING JUVENILES PRIVACY.  This made me extremely angry, but the law trumps a mad mother’s right as well as my son’s rights.  Honestly, I probably would not have been able to watch my son being attacked so looking at the video would have been very difficult at the time, but now I would give anything to see it. When the other mother arrived, she was also upset by the condition of her son.  She also did not understand why she couldn’t see the video.   

THE POLICE OFFICER FINALLY ARRIVED - which was more than an hour after the assault happened; he explained our options for filing charges and made promises that our sons would NOT be targeted for retaliation for doing the right thing.  Both our sons were reluctant, but the officer was adamant that we NEEDED to press charges because he wanted to “SET AN EXAMPLE FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL that there was a no tolerance rule and anyone assaulting a student would be dealt with to the maximum amount of punishment”. After a bit of persuasion we both filed charges.  The other mother and I had to face one of the boys and verbally tell him we were filing assault charges against him.  (Why we didn’t have to do this to the other boy(s), I have no idea.)  My son was quiet during all of this which still worried me because he usually is very friendly and outgoing, so I knew something was not right with him at the moment but he refused to answer me when I quietly asked if he was okay.  

ALMOST 2 HOURS after the assault, we were finally given permission to leave.  As soon as we got into the car my son told me he was very nauseated and that he did not feel well.  While driving towards the hospital we had to stop several times, just so he could throw up.  (I now knew why he had been so quiet while we were at the school; he was trying to keep control over his nausea and sickness.)  When we finally arrived at the hospital, they quickly put him into an exam room.  He was given medication for his nausea, and then sent off to get a CT scan.  Luckily there was no serious damage to his brain, just a severe concussion. He did get stitches in his mouth and medication for pain.  Even though he had the severe concussion, he was not required to stay overnight.  We live literally yards away from the hospital, so he was allowed to go home but with the warning that if he got any worse that evening, we were to bring him back to be admitted.  Luckily that night he only had a headache. 

The next day Jase insisted on going to school.  He truly believed that the adults in the school would protect him from the thug friends of the boys that had attacked him.  The 2 boys were suspended from school for the remainder of the semester, but the 3rd was still disputing that he had anything to do with the fight.  Eventually he was put on in house suspension for bragging to people that he was the one that kicked my son’s teeth out.  The officer that promised to be on campus during school and especially lunch time UNFORTUNATELY WAS NOT SEEN NOR HEARD FROM AGAIN BY MY SON OR THE OTHER VICTIM. 

Upon returning to school, Jase was targeted almost as soon as he walked in the doors that morning.  In the hallways he was told that he was going to be “jumped” again, that he was to “watch his back” in between classes.  During lunch the thug group of boys sat down at Jase's same table and they made snide threatening remarks towards him, as well as the other boy that was attacked.  The vice principal was witness to this verbal abuse and stepped in to shut the boys up, but regardless Jase was verbally attacked the rest of the day and each day after that, especially by one particular boy who I will call “Marcus”. 

Days went by and the same thing happened over and over, but the school did not protect my son. I called the school to ask for help for my son, but no one wanted to discuss what had happened, nor did they offer any solution to prevent what was going on.  Then I would get calls from Jase to come pick him up because he was sick to his stomach.  Soon I received a letter from the school stating that my son was close to failing the semester due to missed days.  I was angry that the school was not protecting my son, and I called repeatedly to the vice principal to have him step in to do something.  He did seem to want to help but couldn’t do anything.  I always got the same message of “IT'S JUST HEARSAY” about what was happening to Jase. 

Then I suggested that maybe I needed to pull my son from school and do online school.  The vice principal agreed that was a good idea.  This made me angry…that the thugs could get away with bullying and I had no power to protect my son and the school was unwilling to protect him.  The principal never spoke to me after that day in her office when the attack happened.  After three weeks of torment, I finally pulled my son out of school and began online school.  A few months later I heard that “Marcus” (one of the thugs that taunted my son daily) had been suspended from school for physically and verbally attacking a teacher.   
Through all of this, I have been asked several times why we don't have some of Jase's many friends just "take care of these boys".  We have had many offers from the football team, soccer team, baseball team, wrestling team, but we adamantly tell everyone NOT to do anything.  We tell them "two wrongs do not make a right"; and as much as I would LOVE for these boys to get a large dose of what they had put my son through as well as the other boy they attacked, what would happen then? The only thing this would accomplish is more people getting into trouble and ruining their chance for future college scholarships. So in my opinion, these thug kids, that cause all this to begin with, are not worth ruining any good kids chance at having a successful adult life. 

Everyone had advised us to get a lawyer to sue the school.  My family is not one that believes that lawsuits are necessary for every little thing that happens to people.  There had been plenty of instances throughout the years when we could have filed many lawsuits for wrongs done to us, but we just were not these kinds of people! BUT on this occasion I felt that my son’s rights had been violated by the boys and by the school, so I did get a lawyers name from my sister in law.  He talked to us about the situation and seemed very, very excited that we had a strong case against the school, but didn’t care about going after the boys or their families.  He only required half of the retainer (total retainer was several thousand dollars) for him to start checking into what had happened, but he also worked with an investigator so we would also need to pay the investigator a $1000 for his services.   

The lawyer said between the two of them, we should know something within a month and if there was nothing we could do with our case, he would not require us to pay the remainder of the retainer fee. (He said that our situation had saddened him and he felt we had suffered enough and didn’t want to cause us any more trauma after the fact.)  Feeling happy that we had such a great team working for us, we added them to our Facebook friends list and Linked In accounts, hoping to see if there was anything posted about progress on any of their cases (which could possibly be our case they were working on). 

After paying half of the retainer, we waited a month and still no word.  At the end of the months’ time he had predicted to know something we called the lawyer and asked if there was any news about our case.  He stated that he was still working on the case but he needed the second half of the retainer paid before he could proceed, but he felt he was close to having some good news for us.  Reluctantly we paid the remainder of the retainer, and then we waited for some news…ANY NEWS.  A week after paying the 2nd retainer I was perusing my Facebook page when I noticed the lawyer posting pictures of his VERY GRAND Disney World Christmas vacation with his whole family!  Now I am not saying that it was exactly MY money that I sent to him that paid for his family vacation, but I could not help but be upset and I cried knowing that because of the money we paid to this attorney and investigator, my family was not going to be able to have a good Christmas last year at all. We had maxed out our cards to pay for the lawyer and investigator services. Not only that, this money we paid could have went towards paying to have Jase's teeth repaired and his treatments started, but we were promised that we would have a more than "a good chance" to be able to take care of all of his needs after this attack at school.  

In the end, the lawyer called us months later and said that there was nothing we could do against the school, and he didn’t bother checking into going after the boys.  He did feel bad enough to refund us a thousand of the several thousand dollars we paid to him.  I am not going to say any more about that except…we should have known better...because of the money we used for the lawyer/investigator we should have spent on my son.  Now we are unable to afford to fix my son’s teeth.  Instead of spending several thousand on the lawyer fees, we should have spent that several thousand on my son’s medication to try and stop the progression of his scleroderma. Of course his medication and dental work will cost more than what we paid the lawyer/investigator, but it would have helped pay for some of it.  As I said before, we were never the type of people that ever had a desire to sue anyone because that just wasn't who we were inside our hearts.  Now we learned our lesson and it will never happen again. We just should have known better, but our hearts were broken for our son and all we wanted to do was just the right thing for him.     

We have noticed lately that Jase’s Scleroderma is becoming active again on the areas that were injured during the attack.  Now on top of hospital emergency room charges and dental bills, Jase also needs braces, but as I said before, I am not sure someone with Scleroderma can get braces without scar tissue forming on his face, but it is something that I will have to research. Crowns are expensive, but they may be a better option for my son.  

Jase is such a kind hearted kid and for this atrocious act to be done to him is so unfair.  We hug him each and every day and feel so blessed to have such a great son. He refuses to go back to the school where it all happened so he will continue with online school and working at Best Buy.  This year he hopes to not only do online high school work, but start online college work.  He is so open about his disease and wants to become a spokesperson for the Scleroderma Foundation.  I hope by the end of the year we can help him achieve that goal. 

We have decided to start a Go Fund Me site to help pay for medical and dental bills.  I am posting this on Twitter:  I'm raising money for Scleroderma health care/dental care. Click to Donate: via @gofundme

Apr 23, 2015

Independent Glass and Glazing 918-371-5100

Here is a great example of the shower enclosures Independent Glass and Glazing has worked in the last year. There are many options for bathtub and shower glass enclosures.

Mar 17, 2015

Beer Can on the Van

OOPS!!  Notice the beer can on this guys bumper.  It was a company work vehicle no less, and the driver was not driving very well.  If a police officer happened to see this do you think he would get an open container?   


Feb 3, 2015

Web Gems

I love finding great things on the internet!  I have found some fun sites, informative sites and sometimes just sites to help pass the time when you are bored.  Today I am passing along to my readers a site that is really helping me during a rough time.  My husband and I started a business 3 years ago. The first two years were very good, but 2014 was one of the most stressful years we ever had.  Our business isn't the only one feeling the pain of a poor economy.  Three businesses that started the same time we did, in the construction field of business, have already shut their doors.  I know God has a plan for us and our business, so no matter what - we will hold onto this as long as possible and hope things get better.  I have a strong faith that this year will be a great year for us so stay tuned and I will keep you updated on the business.

Not only has our business suffered, so has our family. Our son was attacked at school by 3 boys. This incident sent him to the hospital and has put us on alert because our son has a disease called scleroderma, which has no cure. This disease causes his skin to turn to scar tissue when he gets hurt. My son had injuries to his body and head, two teeth knocked out and he had several stitches on his mouth where his teeth went thru his lip.  Needless to say, we are watching his skin for signs that his disease is spreading to his face. Currently he has areas on his right side that have been affected by the disease.

Anyway...back to my web gem.  In my car I have Sirius XM radio which I listen to most days.  I have a need for news and knowledge so my radio mostly stays on news or talk radio. BUT one day I was having a more than usual difficult day after learning some bad news about my son and about the business that morning, so I began searching channels for something different....something calming. First I stopped the radio on classical music, and usually I love classical, but I wasn't satisfied with that choice.  Next I tried some 80's hair metal...nope! Then by chance I landed on Joel Osteen's new Sirius station and oddly enough it was exactly what I needed. I WAS HOOKED within the first 30 minutes. So once I got to the office I had to search for Joel's website in hopes that I could hear more. I was happy to find out that on his website you can listen to his many, many sermons rich with positive messages that are so uplifting that now I have to listen to them while I work each day. I have not been very religious thru the years, and if I'm totally honest I confess I don't go to church as often as I should.

So if you are curious if this wonderful man, Joel Osteen, can lift you up when you are having a bad day...I highly recommend you go to and let his messages change your life.

Jan 19, 2015

Picture Book Submissions

Exciting times are here again!  I always get both excited and nervous when I submit my stories.  I had to take a hiatus for a few years to help my husband start our new business, but now that the business is on its feet and running, my writing is taking center stage again. So everyone cross your fingers, hold your tongue just right and pray a lot for me to get my picture book published.  It is very dear to my heart and reminds me of the fond memories I have of when my babies were babies.